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Latinlingua at a Glance

Latinlingua is a translation and localization agency in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a Certified B Corporation, we help companies create impactful communication and meaningful connections worldwide, while maintaining the brands' values and tone of voice.

Certified B Corp

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Global reach

Our Canva-Specific Services


for Ad Campaigns

Ensuring marketing messages resonate across different regions.

Automatic Translation Post-Editing

Adding a human revision step to Canva’s Translate function


Graphic Design:

Tailoring Canva designs for diverse linguistic audiences.



Creating adaptable templates for various languages and cultures.

Motion graphics, Video Subtitles and Captions

Adding animated text, subtitles and captions to video content.

Cross-cultural Marketing Materials

Designing brochures, flyers, and more for global markets.

Languages We Support

Chinese | Danish | Dutch | French | French (Canada) | German | Indonesian | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Malay | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese (Brazil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian | Spanish (Argentina) | Spanish (Colombia) | Spanish (LATAM) | Spanish (Mexico) | Spanish (Spain) | Spanish (US) | Swedish | Thai | Ukrainian | Vietnamese

Brands that have trusted Latinlingua

7+ years as official translation partner in Latin America for all Spanish and Portuguese locales, from app content to end-user communications and special marketing campaigns. Translation of landing pages into 16 languages/locales.

Translation and production of 150+ hours of meditations in Spanish and Portuguese. Included

casting, directing and recording Brazilian, Mexican and Argentinian voice over talents in our in-house studio in Buenos Aires.

"I don’t speak Spanish and Portuguese, but it was my job to create hundreds of hours of meditation content in those languages. Working with Latinlingua, I felt like they were on a mission WITH us, rather than just getting the job done. I trust them like family. I can only sing their praises."

— Scott Sorenson, Headspace

6+ years as Spotify’s Latam exclusive translation partner. We helped the brand create a solid bond with their users by offering app translation, transcreation and cultural adaptation of global campaigns into 7 Spanish variants and Brazilian Portuguese.

“Whatever we got back from Latinlingua, I never had to doubt that it was good quality. We were able to publish it live without having it reviewed internally because we completely trusted that they knew what they were doing. They were our extension of the team for those markets.”

— Rebecca Evans, former Localization Manager

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